Dr. Nelson has retired.

Rodney B Nelson MD
1144 E. State Street, Suite A #274
Geneva, Illinois 60134-2439

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Record copies can be obtained
only after a signed release
is received by mail at the above address
with a payment
(based on State of Illinois regulations) of
$57.75 for the first
100 pages. Additional pages over the first 100 are $0.33 per
page. A copy of the entire chart is the only option available.
he record service will no longer (after April 1, 2015) copy
selected portions of charts
. Some charts are voluminous!
You will be billed @ $0.33 per page for pages over 100.

If you were not seen in the office after January 1
, 2013 you
indicate on your records request the year in
which you last were seen in the office
. Records with
last visit before Sept 1, 2008 have been shredded.

Click on the "Down Load Records request" below to
download and then print forms:
1144 East State Street, Suite A#274
Geneva, Illinois 60134-2439
Rodney B. Nelson, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Internal Medicine-Hematology-Oncology